The transport of goods for our company within the EU is provided by the courier company Direct Parcel Distribution SK sro (DPD).

Personal collection at the business address: Kolmá 4, 851 01 Bratislava - Petržalka (KOLPO building, office no. 1).


Slovak Republic - package up to 31.50 kg - EUR 6.50 including VAT
Collection point - package up to 31.50 kg - FREE
Order over EUR 100.00 - FREE shipping
Cash on delivery = EUR 2.00

EXPORT zone 1:
Czech Republic, Hungary - package up to 31.50 kg - EUR 9.00 with VAT
Austria, Poland - package up to 31.50 kg - 9.00 EUR with VAT
Order over EUR 100.00 including VAT - FREE shipping
Cash on delivery - EUR 2.50 with VAT

Prices are listed with VAT.

In the case of an order before 3:00 p.m., we send the goods on the next working day.

  • 3 free delivery attempts
  • free return delivery to shipping address in case of unsuccessful delivery
  • parcel tracking on the DPD website.
  • software for printing labels, if necessary, the price includes packaging material (flyer 35x45 or 45x55 cm), handling stickers FRAGILE and DO NOT KNOCK
  • insurance of each package up to €2500 for domestic transport, €520 for international transport
  • the unique DPD HOME service for deliveries to private individuals, cash on delivery payment by credit card to the courier via a POS terminal.

Maximum dimensions of 1 package during transport:

Weight max. 31.5 kg, 31.5 kg to abroad Longest side max. 175 cm Perimeter length max. 300 cm (double the sum of the shorter sides + the longest side).

Complete text in pdf format available here.